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Product & Packaging

Independently develops, or can guide, product formulation and effective packaging solutions

Leads or provides a support role for product and packaging R&D on a cross-functional team


Pipeline development for innovation

Develops a strategic pipeline for growth through innovation


Cost-Out Needs

Leads a team or independently reviews company goals to identify ways to successfully reduce formulation costs

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New product introductions

Leads innovative new product introduction independently or with a R&D team for growth, productivity, quality, brand maintenance, or renovation  


Ideation sessions

Organizes ideation sessions to develop a winning pipeline or sound technical solutions for product / package development

Facilitates broad or small-scale ideation sessions to meet aggressing projects goals


Key Technical expert representing R&D for ideation sessions

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Concept validations

Leads technical feasibility reviews and skillfully represents R&D on a

cross-functional team 

Finished Product Specifications.jpg

Finished Good Product Specifications

Independently leads, or can guide, nutrition facts panel development and ingredient line generation with access to ESHA database

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Technical Collaboration

Technical Collaboration

Technical Collaboration

Technical Collaboration

Leverages and manages vast network of colleagues to drive project leads

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Technical Solutions

Provides innovative solutions to a technical problem with formulations and processes


Program Management

Leads project execution to achieve aggressive company deliverables through stage gates as needed

Develops and executes an effective process and will coordinate useful training


Evaluates company needs, designs a plan with stakeholders, develops against the plan, and analyzes results for long-term improvements

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